BY: Bobby Lundwall – Family Deal Blog

Christmas time is just around the corner, which means a few things: grandiose family dinners, holiday shopping, and eggnog (we just can’t get enough of the nog).

While most of you have already begun your annual Christmas Shopping ritual, many of you will forget to buy a gift for the one thing that takes care of you all year long…your vehicle!


For all our cars, trucks and SUVs do for us each year, it would be a shame to leave them out of the holiday festivities (they are part of the family after-all).

Don’t leave your vehicle out in the cold this holiday season, check out these 10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Your Car:

1. All-Season Floor Mats


How many times have you told your kids the following: make sure to kick the snow off your boots before you get in the car. How many times have they told you: okay?

I imagine their youthful charm may have fooled you into believing them, but once you see your carpet spotting and mildewing, you’ll think twice. With all-season floor mats, you can rest easy knowing that your carpet is safe and sound underneath.

Even when snow isn’t a factor, these mats are great for anytime. Driving around with coffee is a risky endeavor, and it becomes even more hazardous when Mr. Lead Foot decides to stomp on his brakes in front of you. Having all-season rubber floor mats takes away the frustration of a stained carpet, so you can stay focused on how stained your work shirt is.

2. The Kensington Proximo


Admit it… you’ve forgotten where you put your car keys more times than you can count. And how many times have you forgotten where you parked your car? If you’re like me, it happens all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have these problems again? Heck to the yes.

The Kensington Proximo works with a simple fob-and-receiver combination: you attach the fob to your key, couple it via bluetooth to your phone, or leave a fob in your car. Using a smartphone app, you can find it anywhere that you get a gps signal. And if you’re prone to losing your phone, when you move a certain distance from it, the app lets off an alarm.


3. Splash Guards/Mud Flaps


One of the laborious joys of having a clean car is seeing how long you can keep it clean. The wintertime presents an especially frustrating challenge towards keeping slush and dirt off your vehicle.

Why not give yourself an edge in that battle with splash guards? It’s not going to keep the Henderson’s kids from pelting your sedan with snowballs, but it will help keep the dirt and grime in the wheel wells where it belongs.


4. Fog Lights


Anyone who has grown up in Michigan has been testament to blizzards so bad you can’t see two feet in front of you. Whether from lake effect weather or just general bad conditions, fog lights become not so much an accessory as a safety measure. Just be sure to tell your kids not to stare at them.




5. Bluetooth Phone System


Continuing with the trend of safety features, while fog lights may help your driving in whiteout conditions, it won’t help that pesky phone call from Uncle Jeff.

Having a bluetooth phone system like the SuperTooth HD handy in your vehicle helps remove one less distraction from your hectic ride.

Even when conditions become more hospitable, it’s still a much better idea to use a bluetooth phone system over the normal device while driving. You can’t have your hands at two and ten on the steering wheel if two is holding your iPhone.


6. DVD entertainment system


The power of technology truly is incredible. Your kids could be ricocheting off the walls of the back seat, jazzed up on mountain dew and gummy worms….yet you put a movie on, they become catatonic. Miracles really do come true.

For long drives down to Florida, a DVD entertainment system is a godsend. They will keep your kids calm and civil, and potentially reduce time spent pulling over for bathroom breaks (“Everyone go to the bathroom” is much less powerful than “You better hurry up because I don’t know how long Mr. Incredible will last against that giant robot!”)


7. Sunroof


This may seem like a silly thing to have in the winter, but when the temperature is in the single digits outside, and there isn’t a cloud in the night sky, and every star through the glass seems to twinkle a little brighter from the cold, and the roof of your car turns into a celestial ballet, then a sunroof in winter doesn’t seem so silly.

And hey, you’ll be the hero of the car ride when summer comes around and it’s 90 outside. So buy it for summer, enjoy it for winter.



8. Swift Hitch Portable Backup Camera


The Swift Hitch becomes handy under a few conditions: 1) You like taking the boat down to the lake occasionally but don’t have anyone around to help you attach the trailer. 2) You like taking the boat down to the lake but the only people you have to help you attach the trailer are your kids, who think it’s funny to give you bad directions attaching the trailer.

Having a portable camera fixed on your hitch eliminates the constant getting in/getting out of the truck to check its alignment. With all the time you’ll save this way, you can now go on a week long vacation to Grand Cayman! (You might not save that much time, but you should still go on a vacation to Grand Cayman.)


9. Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker


It’s possible to drink and drive responsibly this Holiday Season with the Handpresso Auto, a portable espresso maker designed for in-car use.This gadget will allow you to consume a cup of hot coffee in your car seat while you fight against time.

To brew a coffee, plug the Handpresso Auto into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter, add some cold water, a coffee pod and wait. It takes only three minutes to brew with an indicating beep sound (a safety feature as there’s no need to take your eyes off the road).


10. Heads-Up Display by Garmin


When I was a kid, I remember sitting in my dads lap in the front seat of his car, yanking the steering wheel left and right (the engine was turned off!) and imagining it was a spaceship, blowing up alien invaders out of the sky. Now I’m an adult and that behavior is frowned upon. That doesn’t mean I can’t still relive those glory days. The Heads-Up Display by Garmin turns your windshield into an information gala.

Even if rocket ship cars aren’t your thing, having your navigation, temperature, and speed in front of you rather than down and to the side can help out your overall driving experience. At the very least it’s a nifty tool by a trusted company.

One thing that can be said about Christmas shopping: very rarely do you run OUT of ideas for gifts. Just don’t forget to get something nice for your vehicle.