Class of 2020 Truck: New Capabilites

Horses, landscaping, campers, boats, even tiny homes need to be moved from time to time, and when that time comes, you may need to consider a new truck to haul your heavy stuff.  One of the most common questions we hear at Centennial Leasing and Sales is “what is the towing capacity of this truck?” when we are consulting with our clients, both commercial and individuals.  They are usually surprised when we answer them with a blanket statement that even we barely believe: many manufacturers have half ton trucks that can tow 10,000 lbs. or more!

So, you may be asking:  what are these amazing new 2020 trucks that can give you the power you need to tow your favorite toys for enjoying our beautiful Colorado weather?

Ford has been the long time option for being the towing champion. Unfortunately for them, Chevrolet dethroned Ford this year. There are still many options in the Ford category to get you that mean towing capacity you need. In 2020, a properly equipped F-150 can tow a maximum of 13,2000 pounds. As always, make sure to check your owner’s manual or driver’s door before you load up your boat or camper to make sure your truck is capable.  If you are really uncertain, contact us to help guide you to the right information.

Chevrolet has made towing information more easily accessible for consumers in 2020 than it has been in the past. Their vehicles are now coming with a trailering information label that has the information anyone towing anything needs to know – curb weight, GVWR, payload and towing. For the Chevy Silverado models, if you wish to tow more than 10,000 pounds this does require the company’s Max Trailering Package to be installed. This package equips all trucks with 3.42:1 axle gears taking the maximum towing capacity to 13,4000 pounds. The GMC Sierra also mirrors its cousin, the Silverado, with the exception of the towing capacity being lower at just over 11,000 pounds.

Ram has been trying for years to get in the hunt with their vehicles and made a start with their 2019 Ram 1500. For 2020, the Ram 1500 Tradesman model with a Quad cab should be equipped with a 5.7L Hemi and the Max Tow package in order to achieve their top towing capability. That capacity rings in at about 12,750 pounds. Similar to Chevy & GM with their towing stickers, Ram offers customer’s access to a website that will give you towing capacity based on the VIN. 

Toyota has long had the Tundra as a truck for towing this capacity. Unfortunately the Tundra has not changed much in many years and in 2020 that is still the same. The Tundra is offered in two configurations and six trim levels. 

If you are in need of a new truck for 2020 and you need one of these in order to tow all of your favorite things, make sure you reach out to any of our Sales Consultants. As always they will deliver you “your BEST automotive buying experience” and help you fully understand what a pickup can do for you and your needs.